* Helps save energy.

* Extends the life of its maker.

* It never loses its whiteness and its reflective properties.

* Stops corrosion and gives new life  to rusty sheet.

* Completely eliminates thermal load and solar radiation.



* Intelligent window film that helps to save energy.

* In Summer the heat stays outside and in winter fall inside.

* Reject infrared (IR) and 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

* Transparent but reduces glare.

* Increase safety and comfort.

* Keeps the indoor temperature stable.



The  Solar light Tube , TragaSol, is a device designed to effectively introduce natural light from the outside taking full advantage of the sun's rays to illuminate any type of building. Solar light tubes are a passive system that capture daylight from the ceiling, sending it to the interior through a highly reflective tube that is then effectively distributed in the interior.

The unique design of the TragaSol maximizes the entrance of the sun's light without any color changes, but filters the entry of harmful infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays.



• Protects the waterproofing from degradation caused by ultraviolet and infrared rays to keep the surface at room temperature, avoid contractions and / or dilations of the slab caused by sudden changes in temperature. This helps to extend the life of your waterproofing.


• Because of its high alkalinity, it protects the surface against the effects of acid rain and neutralizes it, in addition to avoiding the formation of fungi and bacteria.


• Kool Kat self-washes in the rain, wiping away any dirt that might have accumulated on the surface, maintaining its original whiteness.


• Reduces the consumption of electrical energy by the use of refrigeration units or air conditioning up to 40%, by practically eliminating the thermal load of the surfaces where it is applied.


• It is not flammable nor does it pollute the environment, since it does not require any type of solvent for its application (see application manual).


• On surfaces of any type of sheet or steel plate that are already oxidized, Kool Kat reduces corrosion and oxidation, and does not allow new areas to become contaminated.


Environmental friendly.

No Contamination, Water Base.

Energy Saver.



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