Kool Kat works by means of three principles:


REFLECTANCE  (Percentage of radiant energy that is reflected, transmitted or absorbed by a material or surface) Kool Kat is made up of microscopic crystals with a snow-like whiteness that reflect the entire spectrum of solar radiation, as well as infrared and ultraviolet. Unlike other white reflective products that lose this property in less than 6 months. Kool Kat maintains its whiteness percentages for up to several years, making it maintenance free.


EMITTANCE  (It is the ability of a surface that when heated or cooled returns to its original temperature) The highest emit value is unity (100%), the surface where it is applied Kool Kat (Cool Ambient Technology) will never heat up anymore That its index is of 93%.


HYPROSCOPY  (Physical process that tends to attract water vapor or moisture) The Kool kat formula absorbs moisture from the environment (up to 10% of its weight), when heated by the sun, moisture evaporates and the surface Cools This cycle is repeated millions of times during the day.

Kool Kat (Cool Ambient Technology) can be applied on any material such as concrete, sheet, oxidized sheet, steel, aluminum, acrylic and elastomeric waterproofing, prefabricated membranes, glass, plastic, plastic tarpaulins, polycarbonate, asbestos, etc.


And on almost any surface such as ceilings, walls, silos, tanks, ducts, cold rooms, refrigerated boxes, air conditioners, condensers, containers, pipes and places exposed to solar radiation.


It is important to clarify that Kool Kat is not a waterproofing agent.


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